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SpineDeck® 2.0 Orthopaedic Back Stretcher

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I love my SpineDeck. I literally use it every morning to stretch. It has been the best find this past year. If you're thinking about buying it, stop, and just do it.

Jenna G.

It's amazing how easy it was to relieve my chronic back pain.
I had so many people try this out for themselves and everyone was shocked at how much something so simple can help.

Jason L.

I bought this as a back cracking device to relieve lower back pain. This feels ridiculously comfortable and definitely lives up to the good reviews. 

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Georgina C.
We're pro life

We believe life should be a perfect balance between enjoyment and hard work. However, as the great Steve Jobs mentioned, "if you do not love what you do, you're going to fail".

We know that is some cases pain stands in the way of happiness, and we want to remove that.

That's why we aim at providing the absolute best solutions to prevent and alleviate back pain.

We understand the overwhelming discomfort back pain can cause, leading to us "just getting by", instead of fully enjoying life and we're here to change that.

Complete Body Pain relief

At home in 15 minutes a day!
On a mission to Help Everyone!

At SpineDeck®, we aim to bring quality pain relief of all sorts. We donate 5% of our proceeds to non-profit organizations helping homeless people.

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