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SpineDeck™ Smart Cup Therapy Massager

SpineDeck™ Smart Cup Therapy Massager

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The SpineDeck™ SmartCup takes the traditional benefits of Japanese cupping therapy and combines that with modern day pain relief technology, giving you an unmatched relaxation and muscle recovery.

Dynamic suction + Red light therapy

As the dynamic suction decompresses the muscles and connective tissue, the red light and heat therapy adds two additional sources of circulation promotion.

💪 70% faster muscle recovery 

🏠 Pain relief at home in 15 minutes

💆‍♂️ 6 suction intensities for personalized massage


Endorsed by Professional Athletes & Massage Therapists

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How does it work?

SpineDeck Smart Cup outperforms conventional cupping sets through a rhythmic alternation of suction and release, which increases blood circulation to the cupping area and accelerates the healing process.

It takes the traditional benefits of hijama cupping therapy and combines that with the pain relieving technology of the modern day giving you an absolutely unbeatable pain relieving innovation.

SpineDeck™ Smart Cup Therapy Massager in blue

The SmartCup not only comes with a dynamic suction feature, but also has added heat therapy and red light therapy. As the dynamic suction decompresses the muscles and connective tissue, the red light and heat therapy adds two additional sources of circulation promotion.

It's time to stop living in pain or book traditional cupping sessions. Now you can recover 70% faster at-home.


Battery life: 3 hours on max settings

Charge time: 4 hours

Suction Intensity: 6 levels of intensity (-5 to -60kPa)

Heating: 90 - 125°F (35 - 50°C)

Red Light Wavelength: 630 - 670nm

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

At SpineDeck we've always prioritized your customer satisfaction.

We confidently provide a 60 day money-back guarantee, no questions asled, to ensure your comfort when purchasing.

Massage Away Painful Knots & Aches

The SpineDeck SmartCup oozes the pain away with our dynamic "breathing" technology. 

Relieving muscle aches and knots has never been easier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jean K
Way better than I expected

This Spinedeck cupping device is perfect for my needs! It has settings to adjust both the suction pressure and the heat of the device. I have had other cupping sets in the past and they failed to get a good seal on my skin. This one is different, and for the price I would recommend it to friends and family!!

Arnoldo T
Better than standard cups!

We have been using a standard cup kit with manual pump for awhile but I got curious when I saw this come up. I was really hoping it would be similar to the cupping at acupuncture and it actually is pretty close. So far I am really pleased with the relief it provides over standard cups and it is pretty straight forward to use. So far so good.

Nikolas R
Excellent for professional use

I'm a licensed massage therapist and I'm certified in cupping massage. The spa I work at, we would joke about inventing one of these and now here it is. This has way better suction than the cups we have with the hand pump. The instant release button works very well. I've been using red light therapy and this having that along with suction is a great combination. The pulsing suction is something we cant do so well with the other cups. This is definitely intense and you're going to feel this for sure. You dont have to use this with the red light therapy, but why would you! Easy to clean and I charge this after after use to make sure it's always ready for any length of job.

Jacky C
I fell better

I have been using this smart cupping almost every day. Mostly I use for lower back pain and my left knee. It definitely works, i feel different.

Rupert Haley

This is so easy to use. I had to practice a bit the first couple of times, but once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy! It hurt a little at first, but trust me, don’t write it off, you just have to give it a minute to adjust! So happy with my purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use SpineDeck™ Smart Cup?

Press the power button to turn on the SpineDeck™ Smart Cup , then shuffle through your preference of settings with the heating, suction, and red light controls for targeted healing. 

Can I use SpineDeck™ Smart Cup while resting or sleeping?

Yes! SpineDeck™ Smart Cup has an automatic 20 minute timer which regulates how long your session is automatically.

How loud is the SpineDeck™ Smart Cup?

The suction of the Smart Cup emits a gentle hum in accordance to your settings, but rest assured it is quiet enough to assure you rest!

How long should I use SpineDeck™ Smart Cup?

Depending on your muscle's soreness, the SmartCup™ is most effective with a few sessions over several days while tension persists. 

How do I charge my SpineDeck™ Smart Cup?

The SpineDeck™ Smart Cup comes with a USB cable for portable and efficient recharging.

Do you have a guarantee?

We truly believe we have some of the best products in the world.

We back that up with a risk-free ironclad 60 Day No questions asked Money Back Guarantee + Free Returns

We have a less than 1% return rate, so we strongly stand behind our product.

Also, we trust our product quality so much that we included Lifetime Warranty. If it breaks we'll send you a new one!