SpineDeck 4.0 Back Stretcher + SpineNeck Pro Traction Device

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This bundle includes the SpineDeck 4.0 + the SpineNeck Pro. Get your bundle Today, at the Launch Sale, and you get the SpineDeck 4.0 for Free!


Experience The Ultimate Back + Neck Pain Relief at a Touch of a Button with the 4.0 Bundle!

Cervical Traction is an effective therapy for neck pain and tension relief based on the concept of myofascial release, that relieves cervical pain and other medical conditions affecting the neck and spine.

What is a Cervical Traction Device?

The SpineNeck Pro is a multifunctional home cervical care system, designed to provide safe and effective traction of the neck. It works by using force to stretch or pull the head away from the neck, stretching the spinal vertebrae and tense muscles that allows nerves to relax and blood to circulate towards the brain more freely.

But how does it work?





  • Feel the satisfaction and enjoy neck pain relief at a fraction of the cost of visiting a professional physical therapist.
  • Corrects forward head tilting, removing requirement for professional help.
  • Created and highly recommended by health professionals for its effective treatment of spondylosis, dowager's hump and chronic cervical pain relief.
  • Making use of fixed point traction and intelligent air pressure traction to restore the 26-degree perfect vertebral arch.
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    How does the SpineNeck Pro work?

    SpineNeck Pro easily molds to the shape of the neck and gently stretches the neck, hydrates discs, increases blood circulation, and is designed to restore the natural curve of the neck using 4 technologies:

    1. Auto Modulating Technology
    2. True Dynamic Neck Traction
    3. Adjustable Heat Therapy
    4. Electric Pulse Therapy.

    True Dynamic Traction creates expansion between the head and the neck, separating the vertebrae, to relieve pressure between discs or off of the compressed nerve, stretching the surrounding joints and muscles and improving blood circulation.

    How does the SpineNeck Pro work?


    What's SpineDeck 4.0?

    Over the years SpineDeck® has been the Original Back Stretcher.

    Unfortunately, people created copy-cat services, that do not represent the quality SpineDeck is known for.

    SpineDeck 4.0, launched in August 2022, is a premium product line that truly represents our brand.

    So what is 4.0 all about?

    · 4 stretch levels for height adjustment, designed for people of ALL ages.
    · High quality materials, for extra comfort and durability.
    · Carrying bag to take SpineDeck with you anywhere (gym, office, car).
    New Belt and PRO Neck Therapy Devices.
    · 60 Day Money Back guarantee for all SpineDeck products.

    The most advanced orthopaedic pain solutions on the market.


    SpineNeck Pro lifts all the pressure, hydrates the discs in the neck and generally improves your posture and tension in the neck muscles.

    It is completely Safe, Non-Invasive with Zero medications. Developed by a group of chiropractors for at home replacement of the weekly doctor visits.

    SpineNeck has been carefully engineered to provide maximum comfort and efficiency. By gently Decompressing the spinal cord you will increase blood circulation oxygenate the surrounding muscles and relieve pain while promoting relaxation.
    Unlike low-quality neck traction devices, SpineNeck™ Pro creates true dynamic traction through intelligent dual rise and release traction. It opens the 7-section cervical vertebrae and restores vertical vertebrae's vitality.

    SpineNeck Pro simultaneously gives two different degrees of elevation. Optimal pull, also rise pressure release.
    It creates expansion between the head and neck to relieve pressure of a compressed nerve and supply oxygen to the brain by improving circulation to the spine.
    With the 3 adjustable temperature settings it applies soothing heat therapy to aching neck muscles. It delivers gentle heat to tender muscles, increasing blood flow and allowing muscles to relax.
    When the device reaches 112F (50C) it automatically shuts down to avoid excessive heat.
    Low Frequency Pulse Electrotherapy
    With the build in pulse generator it sends electrical impulses to the spinal cord, which eases tiredness enhances immunity and improve the quality of sleep.

    The device uses Bionic TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) which penetrates 1.2-2 inches (3-5 cm) deep into the skin and directly hits the pain point.
    The SpineNeck Pro comes with external electrode pads that can be applied to different parts of the body, such as legs, back, feet offering a full body therapy massage while working on the cervical traction.

    3 Safety Features

    • Airbag overshoot protection automatically stops inflating when the airbag is over inflated
    • Auto shutdown mechanism automatically turns off if status is idle for 15 minutes.
    • High Temperature protection so the device automatically locks when the temperature  reaches 112 F (50C) and stops overheating.

     How to use your SpineNeck Pro

    What's in this Bundle Box?

    1 x SpineNeck™ Pro Cervical Care System
    1 x Power adapter
    1 x Controller
    2 x External electric pulse pads
    1 x External electric pulse cord
    1 x Back
 Stretcher 4.0
    1 x Comfort foam
    1 x Carrying bag
 (Free Gift)
    1 x Instructional manual for each product
    + Free weekly updated digital surprize on how to deal with back pain. 

    Why buy from us?

    Unlike low-quality neck traction devices, SpineNeck™ Pro opens the 7-section cervical vertebrae and restores vertical vertebrae's vitality.

    Gives two different degrees of elevation, to effectively relieve muscle fatigue and headaches.

    It creates expansion between the head and neck to relieve pressure of a compressed nerve and supply oxygen to the brain by improving circulation to the spine.

    It sends electrical impulses to the spinal cord, which eases tiredness and improve the quality of sleep.

    FREE shipping and FREE returns

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    Never arrived.


    Received the spine deck but not the spine neck traction device

    Williams Melissa

    This gave me instant relief. I’ve been using this for several weeks and it is a lifesaver. This is extremely easy to use. I work in a office answering phones and I go home at the end of the night with a stiff neck and this is exactly what I needed. The heat message is perfect for my achy bones. It has different settings and I suggest starting at the lowest in the beginning, but it’s nice that you can choose. It has a timer which is really a nice feature. It is on the light side so you can bring it from room to room if needed. It’s a nice size cord so it’s not limited to where it will reach. The days I use this I am in less pain considerably so that’s something you can’t put a price on. Worth every penny!

    Margaret Gardner

    I loved this product!I have stiff, sore neck and shoulder muscles.I have only used this for two days but I think I'm taller. No I just feel like it stretched my neck and vertebrae. At first laying on the neck and shoulder relaxer is a little uncomfortable but hang in because it starts feeling so good.

    I am excited to see how much better this is going to make me feel. Absolutely amazing for pain relief, range of motion, headaches, tension in shoulders and back!!!

    Bought one for myself then for my sister, then for my mom, now planning on buying several more for people I know. Gives me so much relief every time even a short 5 to 10 minute session. My mom has chronic neck pain, fibromyalgia lupus arthritis & migraines - she used it for 5 minutes and got rid of a headache, had better blood flow and range of motion to her head and neck. Thanks SpineNeck for this great product. I bought from you 3 years ago, now again because of your emails.

    Andrew Alcaraz
    I used this on my and my wife and we both love it!

    I used it for about 2 hours the first day I got it. I work as an electrician and after an entire day in the cold, this really puts me to sleep. It really relaxes your neck mucles and me and my wife both love it.

    Who is it designed for?

    From people that have experienced brutal chronic back pain, to folks of all ages that just want a heavenly stretch, we got you all covered with 4 levels of stretch, so everyone feels right at home. (pun intended)

    Made by professionals, used by doctors around the world!

    With over 200,000 Happy customers, we are here is here to care for and help YOU whatever the pain type.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does it actually work?

    Using the principle of myofascial release, gravity allows the front of your body to effortlessly stretch out and upwards, therefore the back muscles are stretched and strenghtened alowing the pinched nerves to be released from vertebra pressure.

    We have over 200,000 Happy Customers so we must be doing something right.

    Will this help improve my posture?

    Keeping the SpineDeck behind your back while sitting will absolutely help your posture. By working on the foundation of the spine (the low back), you will actually see great improvement in the upper body too.

    Can you use it for the upper back/neck as well?

    It could be used for any part of the back, providing great relaxation of the rib cage too.
    Since the lumbar area is the foundation of the spine, sustaining the upper as well as the lower body together, can definitely help release upper back pain, helping with poor posture and scoliosis. 

    However, if you are looking for something to relieve cervical pain, check out our brand NEW SpineNeck™, right here!

    Weight limit?

    The SpineDeck4.0 can support up to 450lbs/200kg. If you break it, we'll send you a new one for Free.

    Who can use the SpineDeck?

    We have customers ranging from 15-75 years old. It can even hold up to 450 lbs, so it's built 100% PVC free and won't break down over time. The SpineDeck can be used on the ground, or in a chair. Do what makes your back better!

    How is the SpineDeck the most advanced low back pain solution?

    The SpineDeck4.0 is designed specifically for low back pain relief and muscle relaxation. It can also be used to reduce nerve tension or even tension between the shoulders. Every other solution is not cost effective, does not specifically target your back deeply, where it needs to, and can't be easily stored.

    Do you have a guarantee?

    We truly believe we have some of the best products in the world.

    We back that up with a risk-free ironclad 60 Day No questions asked Money Back Guarantee + Free Returns

    We have a less than 1% return rate, so we strongly stand behind our product.

    Also, we trust our product quality so much that we included Lifetime Warranty. If it breaks we'll send you a new one!

    SpineDeck vs foam roller

    There are 2 main differences: Size and Pressure points

    1. The SpineDeck comes with 4 adjustable stretch levels, so you feel relaxed, no matter your body type or your pain level. Start low and work your way up the 4 levels slowly.

    2. While a generic foam roler is like a brick behind your back, the SpineDeck is beautifully designed for your back curvature, working along the spine, along with the 88 acupuncture points, to relax the muscles surrounding the spine, therefore releasing any nerve pressure.

    How do I use it?

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