3 Reasons to try the SpineDeck


What is a Spinedeck and why do you need it in your life?

SpineDeck is a therapeutic back stretching device that decompresses and relaxes the muscles in the lumbar section of the spine as well as concomitant muscles, such as the abdominal muscles, including a blue foam cushion to accommodate the spine of the user.

Also, the 88 acupuncture pins, are ergonomically designed to be placed on the muscle's knots. SpineDeck uses gravity and your bodyweight to create pressure.


Do you want to get rid of back pain or avoid it?


First of all, this product is specially designed to avoid the occurrence of low back pain, but it also has the power to restore your natural curve and comfort. 

A.  The most common lower back pain is due to poor posture, at the office or in the car sitting for long periods of time, this product is specially created for people who have a sedentary job.

Sciatica is one of the most uncomfortable lower back pain due to compression on the sciatic nerve. The recommended treatment is one from the incipient stage, non-surgical to prevent the progression of symptoms. 

SpineDeck can be used on any chair with back support, even while driving. You can also use it while sitting in front of the computer to correct your posture. It will give you a very relaxing time by releasing tensions on your back.

B.  If you already have it (lower back pain), this is the ideal device for chronic back pain, physiotherapy treatment at home.

A treatment recommended even by doctors, this being daily exercises for the correct stretching of the muscles, maintaining a normal range of motion, and will help relax muscles that often suffer from atrophy, automation which ensures a significant reduction in long-term pain.

C.  Another reason why this device is recommended for people with lower back pain is massage. As I mentioned, has 88 acupuncture pins to provide massage. Massage being another non-invasive method with the role of relieving back pain without secondary risks. 

Therapeutic massage can provide substantial healing and pain reduction from middle aches and pains caused by muscle tension and sprains, if the correct muscles are targeted. 


    Are you probably wondering now if it hurts?

    Not really. The 88 acupuncture pins and groves are ergonomically designed to be placed on the muscle's knots. SpineDeck uses gravity and your body weight to create pressure.

    No electricity, no motors. If you feel the tension or pain using it, it proves that your back has been holding that much pressure over the years. Use it regularly on a chair while sitting or on the ground, for the best effects. It will help your back release stress
    and tension. 


    Another advantage of this single small, compact, and light device SpineDeck is that it can be taken anywhere and the time required for the daily dose to maintain a healthy spine should be used for 5-10 minutes a session, with two sessions a day. 

    Most customers report feeling significant improvement after only 3-5 days of proper daily use. It is created for any kind of person since it can support up to 150kg or 330lbs.

    But in addition to all this, it is also recommended that physical exercises are also helpful for back pain, and in our SpineDeck E-book we have some of the most productive explicit with images. 

    These exercises focus on relieving pain in the lower back and legs, which are associated with damage to the radicular nerve. In most cases, exercise is more beneficial than bed rest.

    If you are looking for something to relieve cervical pain, check out our brand new: SpinePack.

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